Mobile Health Unit

We will focus our Mobile Unit Work in rural Lowcountry South Carolina located at the southerly most tip of the State at the Georgia border. In South Carolina, the 10th poorest state in the nation, there is a significant shortage of medical care facilities that are accessible to the communities that need them.  We propose that by providing both oral health care, primary care and a connector for other referral services in a single mobile health unit that we will be able to reduce and better manage the care of residents with chronic health issues.

About the Mobile Health Unit

The Palmetto Palace Mobile Health Unit is a Mathews Specialty Vehicles Coach Series 4000-40-102 with three rooms and a wheelchair lift. It features one exam room for primary care with telemedicine support in the rear, one dental operatory with tele-dentistry capabilities support in the front, and a center area computer for coordination of care, referrals, and registration. It also includes audio/visual equipment on the external area of the unit as well as onboard cellular data services.

The Mobile Unit will utilize a collaborative health care team-based approach to provide screenings, vaccinations, health checkups, and other primary care services; dental care (including oral screenings, cleanings, and fluoride treatments); and health education. This will help detect previously undiagnosed conditions, strengthen care coordination and continuity, improve disease management, and reduce costly ED visits and avoidable inpatient hospitalizations.

In South Carolina, the 10th poorest state in the nation, there is a significant shortage of medical care facilities that are accessible to the communities that need them. Rural, Lowcountry South Carolina is located at the southerly most tip at the Georgia border, and one of the poorest areas in this already suffering state. On average, 24% of residents in this area have no health insurance coverage, with some communities like Hardeeville reaching 32% non-insured. See the ribbon cutting.

Goals of the Mobile Health Unit

  • Screen, identify and provide health promotion/disease management services
  • Foster community involvement in the health assessment and referral process

Our Services


The Palmetto Palace’s Dental Unit provides quality clinical dental in a professional and efficient manner to those patients that are eligible for our dental services. The Scope of Work of dental treatment that we provide includes:

  • Basic preventive and restorative dental services
  • Disease prevention services
  • Diagnosis and treatment of oral health problems
  • Hypertension screening
  • Dental education


Preventive services include:

  • Well-woman visits
  • Immunizations
  • Routine lab tests
  • Risk assessment and adult physicals