What We Do & Who We Are

The Family Care Program’s resource Empower Caregivers with information and support so they can better cope, make informed decisions through emotional support using community outreach programs.

Unique Financial Assistance:

The Palmetto Palace will assist by alleviating financial stress in helping families to absorb non-medical costs—such as transportation, lodging, meals—that accumulate quickly with an ICU hospitalization.

Access to Resources for the Uninsured and Under-insured:

More than 20% of Tri-County residents are without health insurance at any given time. Nearly 16% of adults do not have a regular doctor and approximately 14% of hospital discharges are designated as due to ambulatory care sensitive conditions, conditions that could have been prevented if adequate primary care resources were available and accessed by patients (RSFH). The Palmetto Palace continues to partner with other agencies, educational institutions, health organizations and companies to improve care transitions, avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, the goal of patients/ caregivers improving their quality of life and promoting self-sufficiency.

Specialized Care Packages:

Hospital Hospitality Care Kits: When families are faced with unplanned healthcare emergencies – The Palmetto Palace will provide care kits full of personal items/toiletries they may have forgotten in their rush to the hospital.

Educate Family Caregivers:

With disease specific information and guiding them to helpful resources for disease management so they can be their patient’s best advocate.

Family Care Coordination (FCC) advocates for families and provides a unique financial assistance, emotional support and an educational empowerment. Some of the Benefits are offered below:

  • Lodging:The Palmetto Palace has partnered with local hotels in close proximity to the local hospitals, so families can stay together, to be at the bedside of their love one.
  • Transportation: The partnered hotels have established a pickup and drop off time schedule with all of the local hospitals.
  • Meals:Meal passes for hospital cafeterias (on-site) and hospital cafes, so families can stay nourished during their marathon-long Intensive Care Unit stay and worry less about where they will get their next meal.
  • Hospital Hospitality Care Kits: When families are faced with unplanned healthcare emergencies – many do not come to the hospital with an overnight bag with personal toiletries. The Palmetto Palace will provide hospital hospitality care kits full of personal items/toiletries they may have forgotten in their rush to get to the hospital.

There is Hope

Mission: To provide care and compassionate support to families and caregivers in a comfortable “ home away from home “ setting.

Goal: Is to help ease the financial, emotional and physical challenges that accompany a hospitalization of a loved one by providing temporary affordable lodging and support to those who come to receive medical care.

Vision: Is to give a voice to the needs of patient families and to make their paths a little easier to walk in a time of medical crisis. No one should have to face these challenges alone.

Impact: Family members and caregivers represent the most important and influential factor when it comes to the care of a patient. Every family and caregiver will at some point face the difficulties of illness and loss. The Palmetto Palace is a support to families and a positive attribute to communities.


The Palmetto Palace serves adults (20 years and older) who are family members and caregivers of patients receiving services at hospitals who are referred by designated hospital staff. If financial assistance is needed, there is a separate Financial Hardship Application, which must be signed by the hospital designee and discussed in private with the Executive Director. Based on the information given to the caseworker a sliding fee may be applied.